Updates from the West

News for the Week of November 5

Week's Events

Monday, November 5
Rummel Out (Common Core Workshop)

Tuesday, November 6
Picture Retake Day (10:00-11:30)
8:30 - Observation (Bohne)
12:15 - Observation (Swartzendruber)
2:30 - IEP (Bertram/Joos)
6:30 - PTO Meeting

Wednesday, November 7
First Grade Field Trip
Third Grade Common Core Meeting (West)
No Speech Today
8:30 - Administrative Council (Rummel)
2:20 - SG Problem Solving (Graber, Rummel, Yarcho, Nesby, Higgins)
2:40 - JW Problem Solving (Litwiller, Rummel, Yarcho, Nesby, Higgins)

Thursday, November 8
Fourth Grade Common Core Meeting (North)
7:00 - SILT Meeting
Nicole to North for CC Meeting
11:00 - Senator Bill Brady Visits
2:30 - Pre Observation (Belton)

Friday, November 9
Fifth Grade Common Core Meeting (North)
8:00 - Aide CC Reading training (Reference: Things You Should Know)
9:00 - Post Observation (Swartzendruber)
11:00 - Post Observation (Bohne)
2:15-5:30 - Safety Patrol Field Trip (OHMS)

Upcoming Dates
November 12 - Board of Education Meeting
November 12 - CC reading training 3-5 (Reference: Things You Should Know)
November 13 - Faculty Meeting
November 13 - Community Claus Dinner/Family Reading Night
November 19 - Problem Solving (Pk)
November 20 - PLC Meetings
November 20 - AG in the Classroom (Gracie Here)
November 21 - ESP Day
November 21 - Progress Reports
November 21 - Talent Show Try Outs
November 21 - OHS Singers (10:00)
November 22-23 - Thanksgiving Break

Things You Should Know

- Senator Bill Brady will be at West on Thursday!! He will start in 5th grade at 11:00 to discuss state government and answer questions. 11:30 I will give him a tour of the building and discuss SB 7, including teacher evaluations. From 11:30-12:00 as we tour the building we'll stop in and say hello to you and your class. We'll also visit the lunchroom. This event is part of the Illinois Principal Association's Principal for a Day program. (District Goal 4)

-Thank you to Cyndee Brand for attending the CEC meeting Friday with me. As a result of this meeting I will providing some building data to SILT and your PLCs. (District Goals 1 & 2)

- On Friday at 8:00 you'll see that I've scheduled a meeting with the RtI aides. I will need your support to make this training happen. Any aides that are currently teaching CSR, Great Leaps, 6 Minute Solution, or Read Naturally in grades 3-5 will need to attend the training. The training will be on the new Common Core reading workbooks. This training will be duplicated for interested teachers Monday, Nov. 12th after school. Aides may be pulling their 8:00 and 8:30 students throughout the day to complete progress monitoring. (District Goals 1 & 2)

- It is time to schedule our quarterly aide meeting. Please let me know if there is a time of day (45 minutes) that you cannot be without an aide. This meeting will include crisis plan training. I will be looking for teacher coverage in the office and PK/ECE. It is critical that Audra, Tanya, and Chris attend this training, as each has a critical role in the crisis plan. The crisis training will be duplicated for teachers as part of our faculty meeting on November 13th. (District Goal 3)

Calling in Sick?

Mr. Dale - ext. 6257 cell: 309-261-1486
Dr. Rummel - ext. 6010 cell: 309-846-2139 home: 309-963-4263