It's a fun activity that you can try.Helps you get fit


A laserrgun,lasertag vest

Step 1

Get lasertag vest and put on shoulders were the gun is in the front.Next you clip in the buckles around your waste.

Step 2

Make a good attack and defensive strategy.

Have people back to defend base while you also have people going for the other teams base

Step 3

Don't get shot by finding a good spot to hide behind and peak on the side to shoot the opponent.At the same time you don't want to get shot when you attack so find cover.

Step 4

Follow the plan that you made and try not to mess it up.If your plan goes well you will have a good chance at winning.

Why should I try this?

It's a fun activity that you can beat your friends at.Also you get a good exercise.Its most importantly really fun.
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