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April 28, 2016

Great Cloth Diaper Exchange

It was so great getting to talk to you this weekend about Pure Haven Essentials at the Natural Parenting Event's Great Cloth Diaper Exchange! I'm so glad that you marked down that you were interested in joining my Facebook group!

Before I give you a brief update about our products, I want to remind you about the peace of mind you can have when looking in to Pure Haven Essentials. We are on a mission to spread the message about toxic and harmful products, and to provide products free from dangerous ingredients! I love one of our quotes that says "It's all about the ingredients, the rest is just marketing." Don't just take my word for it, read our ingredients list and you will realize our commitment to safe and effective products. If you have questions about which ingredients to avoid, refer to the Did You Know brochure you received at the event. If you'd like me to send you another one (or more to share with friends) just let me know and I can mail some to you!
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Raffle Winner!

The winner of the raffle was Nina P. and I know that she will enjoy using our Citrus Body Butter! If you loved the smell and feel of the body butter (I know I do!), we have it available on our website for $18.95. Or, we have a Mother's Day Trio on sale through Saturday (4/30) that includes the Citrus Body Butter, Pink Grapefruit Sugar Body Scrub, and a Lavender Bath Soak. All 3 of these for a total of $35.89! Treat yourself, your mother, sister, friends or coworkers to the silky smooth and refreshing skin they'll be able to enjoy after using the Mother's Day trio. I've been using the trio for the past two weeks and absolutely love how soft my skin is. Plus, we all deserve to be pampered, right?

Communications - Join My Facebook Group!

We know no one enjoys spam so we limit our communications for that reason! If you would like to receive my once a month newsletter, reply and let me know! Otherwise, you can join my Facebook group called "Non-Toxic in Texas" to see special offers from me (raffles, free offers, special occasion giveaways, etc.). Just this last week I offered a free $20 product just for placing an order! You can join me here: Non-Toxic In Texas

New Product Releases!

We also had 9 products released this weekend after our event Saturday morning. This includes two Hairsprays (strong and regular hold), a Sugar Lip Scrub, Lip Gloss, Moroccan Argan Oil, Men's Beard Balm, Transquility blend essential oil, Cedarwood Essential Oil, and a Spray Surface Cleaner. These are images that explain each in greater detail, but don't hesitate to ask me any questions you might have or take a look on our website www.purehavenessentials.com/kristinkeyser

Ordering Basics

As always, shipping is free (from me) if you place an order over $95. Pure Haven Essentials always has a free product offered when you spend $95 and for April this is our Boo Boo Stick (think about it as a catch all replacement for something like neosporin).

The easiest way to order is to email, message, or text me what you'd like and I can place the order for you. Otherwise, you can always shop on our website at www.purehavenessentials.com/kristinkeyser and enter party ID 142834 at checkout.

Pure Haven Essentials also has an excellent return policy! If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, all you have to do is contact me and we can arrange to send it back and you will get a full refund (minus shipping + tax). The company will accept returns no matter how much of it you've used within those 30 days, so there really is nothing to lose by trying things out!

About Me

Kristin Keyser is a Double Star Independent Consultant for Pure Haven Essentials. She has 3 children and also works as a Lead Engineer in the Oil & Gas industry in Houston, TX.

She has been building her team at Pure Haven Essentials and would love for you to join as well! Ask about our business opportunity and the great benefits of becoming an independent consultant or host of a Pure Haven Essentials Workshop!