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April 11, 2016

Greetings to the Britt Elementary School Community!

I trust you enjoyed a restful spring break. During the past weeks of spring, I have observed my husband carefully planning spring garden planting and deliberately and intentionally planting seeds and plants in our garden. My observations have reminded me of the importance of carefully planned academic instruction and the importance of deliberate and intentional delivery of academic instruction to our dear children. As we return to school this week, we are all mindful of how few days are remaining until Georgia Milestones Assessments. It is very important that students have the academic skills and test taking skills necessary to be successful.

I mentioned in the last faculty meeting the expectation that teaching and learning continue through the last day of school. I cannot over emphasize the importance of making the most of every instructional moment to support the learning of our Britt Comets. As classroom teachers, you know best the learning styles and the academic needs of your students. You have the greatest opportunity to make a difference in the learning of your students. It is imperative that we use the time and the tools available to teach grade level AKS, to assure that students read at and above expected reading levels, to assure that students are confident in solving math problems, and to support students with writing skills that will result in academic success. Although the end of this school year is nearing, teaching and learning continues at Britt Elementary School. Summer school and tutorial services cannot deliver the results or make the positive educational impact that you, the teacher, can make.

Let me know how I can best support your good work at Britt Elementary School as we all strive together using effective, innovative practices to transform and personalize teaching and learning.

With warmest regards,


Britt Elementary School, going strong in 2016!

Staff Development this Week

Tuesday, April 12th- Faculty and Testing Meeting

Wednesday, April 13th- New Gradebook Training- POSTPONED until training website is available. Enjoy the morning to plan.

Enjoy this beautiful week!