Facebook: Employers shouldn't see

by Mikayla Carpenter

What Employers look for and don't want to find on your social media page

Employers red flags for employees or candidates are normally drinking (alcohol), badmouthing previous employers (or current employers), drug use, and lying about qualifications. These are just some of the worst red flags that employers judge upon. They also look at how presentable your profile picture is, along with your bio. With twitter, every tweet is actually logged, so it can’t ever be completely erased.

Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace App Icons

What You Can Do To Help Keep Your Job, Or Stay In The Running For A Job You Want

65% of employers admitted to looking at their candidates Facebook/Twitter profiles to make their final decisions on whether to hire them or not. you should always either lock or hide your profile/ pictures/tweets that you don’t want people to see. or just don’t post them at all.

What You Should Hide, Delete, Or Just Don't Post

Some of the information to keep hidden (unless through Direct message-Twitter or Chat Box-Facebook) and ONLY TO PEOPLE WHO ARE FRIENDS AND FAMILY:

  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Gender/age/birthday
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