Don't wail the Whales to extinction

By:Nandini 5D

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The Beluga Whale food chain

The Beluga Whale food chain starts with the sun , Which is the energy source,goes to the algae which is the producer, then to the 1st level consumer(Yellow Perch), after that that to the carnivore 3rd level consumer(Beluga Whale),and finally to the decomposer,which is a plankton.
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The Beluga Whale's food web can be very complicated , but when you understand it,it is really cool.First , the energy source(the sun) gives energy to to alge . After that the algae gets eaten by the Krill.Then , the Yellow Perch ,squid,and the Beluga Whale eat the krill.
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This is a picture of the glorious Beluga Whale

About the Beluga Whale

The Beluga Whale has many interesting factors.The Beluga Whale lives in the water.They are surrounded by krill and fish to eat.They live in the Arctic and move south for the winter so the they don't freeze with the water.
Animals of the Ice: Beluga Whales
This video tells you all about the Beluga Whales.

Over and under population

If there are too many Beluga Whales there would not be enough food to eat for the Beluga Whales, eventually they will all die .If there were too less then it's predator would be very hungry and eventually the predators would die. Over and under population are things to worry about.
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Half the hunting

I think we can hunt because without hunting there would be over population.There would never be under population because only a few people have permits and there are also laws.The Beluga Whale food chain and web woulden't change because the mama Belugas will give birth while the hunters and predators will kill.It is almost like a cycle.Only where there are a lot of Beluga Whale.