Rome At It's Best

Global Studies!

The Violent Arrival: Gladiators !!!!

Gladiators were usually slaves, prisoners of war or criminals. Many of the gladiators were males but some of them were also females too. When gladiators fought, the audience around the Roman Colosseum would chant bad things. The audience was intrigued by the violent performance that was displayed.A violent performance happened everyday at the Roman Colosseum. If the ground drowned in blood, it was covered with fresh sand and the performance would continue. The gladiatorial games stopped after Christianity put an end to it.

Cleopatra beautiful Egyptian Queen!

Cleopatra was a beautiful Egyptian queen who ruled ancient Egypt. at first she ruled Egypt with her two younger brothers and the with her son for nearly three decades. Later she became the last dynasty of Macedonian rulers that was established by Ptolemy. Cleopatra spoke many languages and served as the most important ruler in all three of her co-regencies. With her exotic looks, her beauty, and her being smart she is honored, still to this day.

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The Great Journey Of Spartacus.

Spartacus was once a free man. When he joined the army he ran away and when he got caught he was then sold as a slave to become a gladiator. Spartacus refused to fight as a gladiator and was forced to go to gladiator "school" to be trained. And once again, Spartacus escaped. But, not by himself, he escaped with plenty of slaves, or gladiators. To stay armed they took knives from the kitchen. When other slave heard bout Spartacus they escaped and joined his "army". Spartacus was plotted on by the roman army and each and every time they would attack, the roman army was defeated. Until about two years later. It was the end of Spartacus time. He was murdered along with the runaway slaves who joined his forces.

Diocletion: The Retired Emperor

In A.D. 284 Diocletion became the new emperor of Rome. He wasn't the best emperor, yet, he wasn't the worst. He the con of Diocletion becoming the emperor was that he took away some freedom from the citizens. But there were many pros. Diocletion doubled the size of the army, set fixed price for goods and much more. But he did not reach his goal. Diocletion failed at having order in Rome. Due to sickness Diocletion retired from being an emperor for Rome in A.D. 305.