Justin Cross


The tundra is the coldest of all biomes. The tundra is up north near the North Pole.

Weather and climate

Strong and drying winds. The tundra has extreme weather.


The temperature in the tundra is 55-70 degrees. You can tell that because of the snow there.


The tundra is soggy and wet. It also almost always has snow on the mountains.


The tundra mountains mostly always have snow because it is so cold there. It is so cold there is snow everywhere.

Bodies of water

Asian waters, European waters, north American waters, and the Atlantic Ocean. There are a lot of bodies of water.


The Canadian tundra has a sorts of canyons. But barely anybody knows about them.


There are 5 islands in the tundra biome. But they don't have much water around them because it is very cold so there is not much water but more ice.


Polar bears, arctic foxes, and snowy owl live there. They all live there because it is cold.


Mosses and lichens that are plants live in the tundra biome. They are special because they can take in cold weather.