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Black tailed Prairie dog


Phylum: Chordata

Class: Mammalia

Order: Rodentia

Family: Scuirdae

Genus: Cynomys

Species: Ludovicianus


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The Black Tailed prairie dog is related to the ground squirrel. It averages from 12-16 inches high, 30-40 cm long. It weighs 1-3 pounds. It's fur on it's back and sides is yellowish to redish brown. It has lighter colored fur on its neck and chest. It has a long body, small ears, long claws but small front paws and a short black tipped tail.


The Black Tailed prairie dog's diet is made up of seeds and grass. Sometimes it will eat beetles, grasshoppers and other insects. it will eat the plants that grow around its burrow to make it easier to spot predators.


The Black Tailed prairie dog's habitat is dry and has short grass around it. It lives in a burrow it sits on top of the burrow to look out for predators. The burrow goes 3-10 feet down and then has a long straight tunnel that is 10- 15 feet. it has a series of little rooms and even a separate chamber to use the bathroom.
here is an example of what the Black Tailed Prairie dog exhibit looks like underground.
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They have Excellent eye sight, Keen hearing and it communicates with other prairie dogs.

Close relatives

its closely related to the ground squirrel.


Some common predators are, bobcats, eagles, hawks and weasels.

The are also being exterminated in some places by humans.


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