How 2008 Changed Our Lives

By: Griffith

Election of 2008

Barack Obama won the 2008 election, while winning on the Democratic ballot, and he want a change for the workers of America. John McCain ran on the Republican ballot against Barack Obama. McCain's views were he didn't want abortion rights for women, balance the budget within his first term and keep it an olde fashioned marriage, male and female. Barack Obama becomes the first African American president of all time. Unemployment was still high and we were trying to recover from the Great Recession.
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Effects of 9/11 since the attacks

After these attacks, America decided hat airport security should be stepped up a notch. We then passed the Patriot Act and airport security was changed and strengthened. The intervene with other countries in hope of protecting democracy around the world. A course, after the attacks many families had lost loved ones and this was a devastation. This was how the laws came about to strengthen airport security, the people demanded it and the government agreed.
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The War in Iraq/Afgistan

This war started because of you, you guessed it, the 9/11 attacks. Our main purpose in this war was to destroy Al Qaeda, a terrorist group, Osama Bin Laden, their leader and the Taliban Government. The war is still going on to this day and troop deployment has decreased since 2014. The war is somehow still on going, the war between terrorism will most likely never stop.
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