The Wayne Weekly

Week of December 21st

A Few Weekly Reminders

1. Thank you for being more specific in your notations regarding 1st block tardies. Just a reminder - if a student is late without a pass, please write down the time the student is late (ex. 8:01). If the student comes in with a pass, please include where the student came from (ex. pass from the nurse). Wendy will be reaching out if she needs further clarification.

2. Peer tutoring is up and running.

Link to application to be a Peer Tutor.

Link to application to get a Peer Tutor.

See Brittany Quinzi or Christina Kostidinova for more information.

3. There's still time to donate to the families in need. Lorraine needs the donation by Tuesday.

Update on Common Core

A committee of New York's Board of Regents has approved plans to omit the use of test scores in teachers' performance review. Under the regulations, teachers will still receive a growth score based on tests.

We are still awaiting information and have been told we will have more information in February.

Professional Learning Communities

During some recent conversations, there have been some comments about time for PLC meetings and we want to make sure we all have the same understanding.

Just a reminder that a PLC is not a meeting. These communities are educators who are striving to continue to improve their potential, working together to learn and grow with the goal of getting better at the craft of teaching to maximize student learning, not only in their classroom, but the building.

As we move into the New Year, we will be reviewing how your PLC has worked, obstacles, and how we can continue to grow healthy PLCs.