Ms. Owens' Third Grade Newsletter

January 25th-29th



We will be using a variety of different websites this year. Here are a few that have been introduced during the first couple weeks of school. These will also be posted on my website for the entire year!

Website Login Information:

We will use my information as the example:

My name: Sarah Owens My Lunch Number: 123456

Pearson Realize ( Math ):


password: FHSD123456

Study Island ( Practice for Math/ELA ):



Reading Counts ( Reading ):



Google Drive ( Way to share & save writing):


password: fh123456



Happy Birthday to...

John: Tuesday 1.19:

Look at What we are Studying...


We will...

-inflectional suffixes -est


We will...

-continue to learn about figurative language.


We will...

-compare and contrast between books and stories on the same topic, with the same characters, and by the same authors.

-write a persuasive letter ( concerning the famous American monument ).

Social Studies:

-Ms. Owens will introduce MLK, Jr. and other famous Americans that made a difference in America.

-Ms. Owens will model describing famous Americans with figurative language in writing so students can see how to use figurative language to enhance their own writing.

-Students will be begin researching someone they believe has made a great contribution in America ( they will pick from a few choices ) to prepare to write why they think that person would be one to be honored for a local monument.

-Students will learn about and be able to describe the relationship between historical events, focusing on the text feature of timelines.


Division Topic 8

8.8: Multiplication and Division Facts

8.9: Problem Solving: Draw a Picture and Write a Number Sentence

Topic 8 Study Guide

Topic 8 Online Test

Third Grade Rules!

"Learn from Yesterday...Live for Today... Hope for Tomorrow" ~Albert Einstein~

Your Teacher : Ms. Sarah Owens

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