4th Grade Memories

By Jacob A. and Kyle B.

Science and Social Studies

A great memory me and Kyle had in science in Mr. Maricque's was doing battle bots were we built programmed Lego bots and battled them in a arena(a.k.a tape in a square). Another great memory in Mr. Maricque's was when we did electricity and we lit up a light bulb with just a battery,wire and a light bulb. Another memory we had in science was in Mrs. Moran's astronomy class in science. It was really fun being in her class and learning about astronomy with her.A great memory we had in social studies class was when we were in Mrs. Voigt we did smore on immigrants and industry smores are really fun to do.

Music and Phy Ed

A great memory we had in music was recorders and the talent show. Recorders were fun to play and learn how to play them. The talent show was very small this year with little people doing it but we still got lots of laughs out of the fun and funny dances. A good memory we had in Phy ED was all of the fun game we did and the gymnastics. The game such as island rescue and snow forts were really fun and tiring they were both dodge ball games which are our favorite kind of game. Gymnastics were really fun because of the different fun and challenging stations.

Math and Reading

One memory me and Kyle had in 4th grade math was I/E in Mr. Maricque's he gave us fun but challenging problems also Geometry was or favorite subject in math. A fun thing about reading class was doing story town textbooks and reading

Art, Library and Guidence

A good memory we had in art class was when we weaved little rectangles with the colors with whatever colors we wanted.A good library memory we had was when we got free books from the rack and a good memory we had in guidance was when we did the stories on different countries and what they did in their countries that's weird to us

Madison and Field day

This year in 4th grade we went to Madison on May 24th we went to the State capital and went to the campus and we took a coach bus another great memory was field day we did lots of fun stuff this year 4th grade was the best year ever