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April 1, 2020

Governor Declares Stay at Home Order

I know that many of you have reached out regarding the Governor DeSantis order, please know that continuing our students in their learning is considered an essential function. I will keep you updated on any changes to expect. We ARE essential. Life continues as is.

Seniors and Assessments

We do consider all students who are on track to graduate this year whether with the 18 credit or 24 credit option as seniors. Therefore, the governor’s announcement to waive the assessment requirements apply to all of these students. These students will need to meet the required credit and grade point average requirement.

On Site Staff

  • Custodians are now on a part time schedule as of next week. Vinny has been great about creating a schedule that will keep our beautiful school functioning while we are away.
  • Admin is taking turns to ensure that at least one admin is on campus from 10-2. Please see the admin schedule below for next week. Please respect the administration's scheduled times next week for phone calls to allow them to take care of their families.
  • Front office staff is taking turns on campus to ensure our influx of phone calls are responded to quickly.
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Turn Around Student of the Year

Thank you, Mrs. Donovan for hosting our Turn Around Student of the Year, Joshua Williams! He had a rough start at AHS and has done amazing things! That's him in the bottom right hand corner!
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Morning Funny: April Fools

Click here for a Dad's April Fool's prank on his daughters.

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