By: Alex Fletcher & Mia Gibson

More About This Piece of Music

Pompeii is a song that is arranged by Jacob Narverud and is written and sung by Dan Smith, the lead singer of the band Bastille. This song is written in 4/4 time with Soprano, Alto, Baritone parts.

Extra Facts and Background Information

Their big break album, Bad Blood, included this number 5 hit on the US Billboard Hot 100. Bastille is a band from England which formed in 2010. Their band name is from Bastille Day, a day to recognize the French Revolution! They are also primarily known for their rock-electro roots.

Other Hits Include Bad Blood, Flaws, and Overjoyed

Contrast Between Pompeii and Happily Ever After.

In the song Pompeii, it uses drums heavily creating more of a rock tone. In Happily Ever After, it seems very children orientated and lighter tones that don't seem as aggressive.

Be Sure To Check Out, Bastille!

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