Earthquake Rattles Guerrero, Mexico

By: Jessica Martinez

Guerrero, Mexico was struck by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake on April 18, 2014. The startling earthquake hit Guerrero at 2:27:26 pm. The depth of this earthquake was about 36km. It was located near North- North West of Tecpan de Galeana, Mexico.

Guerrero, Mexico Startled by Earthquake

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The April 18, 2014 minor earthquake did cause some damage. There were 15 landslides, thirteen in Guerrero, one in Michoacan and another one in Tlaxacala. One unfortunate person did get hurt by a landslide in Michoacan. The citizens of Guerrero, Mexico were affected a little bit more by this earthquake. This is because there were roofs that had collapsed, cracked walls and windows, 3 hospitals, 2 clinics, 5 government buildings, and one school suffered damage during this earthquake. Also two roads have sustained significant damage due to this earthquake in Guerrero. Thankfully nobody got severely injured.

Damaged building

This building was damaged during the Guerrero earthquake.


I interviewed a couple people asking them their experience on the earthquake. The first person I interviewed was from Metepec and said "We woke up to the whole house shaking. Went outside and the light poles were swaying. No visible damage, but it felt pretty strong". The second person I interviewed was from Puerto Vallarta which said, "We were sitting on our balcony on the 24th floor, our condo is directly on the ocean. We experienced strong shaking and were unable to stand and walk until it was done. Several objects fell over and a couple of pictures fell off the wall. I don't know if there was much damage done". The last person I interviewed experienced the earthquake from pretty far away. This person felt the earthquake from Mexico City, and stated that "My house is built on top of volcanic rocks. We usually do not feel earthquakes, even though Mexico City suffers them quite often. This one was different. My whole house was shaking and I had trouble walking towards the door. We haven't found any damages to this property, but our weekend apartment in Acapulco has some cracks on walls and all the decoration items fell from the shelves".


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