Northview ERPD

February 12, 2014

Making Progress...Where We Were, Where We Are Now

Blended Learning Rubric

Making Connections: IB, BL, & ISS

IMPACT Session 1: Blended Learning Model and the IMPACT Continuum

Learning targets:

  • I can identify my needs based on the IMPACT continuum and my school’s BL model.
  • I can continue to move toward personalizing learning for all students in my class.

Overview of session:

  • Reconnection to overall Grant Goals & IMPACT continuum (triangle).
  • Celebrate CWT data & use as foundation for re-focusing on BL models and instructional shift.
  • Teachers will be grouped based on level and complete corresponding activities (no rotation within the session). This aligns with the instructional focus side of the IMPACT continuum.

o Group 1: Digital Resources- Finding and utilizing digital resources and content

*See Digital Instructional Resources below.

o Group 2: Digital Resources- Finding and utilizing digital resources and content

*See Digital Instructional Resources below.

o Group 3: Digital Resources- Finding and utilizing digital resources and content

*See Digital Instructional Resources below.

o Group 4: Nuts and Bolts- Group management, group norms, transition processes, station timing, etc. Lesson Planning Template Word (Google Docs Version)

* Nuts and Bolts Presentation


  • Teachers will continue to move on the IMPACT continuum toward personalized learning for students.

Digital Instructional Resources

Click here to see a list of various web tools that you can use in your instruction. Explore these resources to see how you might use them in your instruction. With students each having a device, the way we deliver instruction and assessments has endless possibilities. Start creating accounts and adding your content to these tools.

Here is another list. Some of the resources are duplicates but hopefully some useful resources for you. These are grouped by subject area.

Math Resources

More Digital Resources

RAFT Activities for all subject areas

IMPACT Session 2: “Blended Learning Model Lesson”

Learning targets:

· I can make connections to personalized student learning and my school’s BL design model, the ISS model, the CWT template, the BL rubric and the IMPACT continuum.


· Language B teachers will present a model BL lesson

(Group 1 Swierczewski's Room Group 2 Heinrich's Room.)

· The lesson will be structured in our school’s BL design model which is classroom rotations/aka stations.

· Focus will be on the BL and instructional processes, not the content in the lesson

· Use this check-list of look-fors from CWT, BL Rubric , IMPACT continuum, grant goals, ISS model, etc. The column on the right is for you to make connections or take away ideas from the lesson that you can use in your own classroom and content area. While the content may be different, the strategies and structure should be the same regardless of content area.


· Teachers will make connections to key components (see learning target) and reflect on their next steps to moving toward personalized learning.

Potential Device Issues

We are going to do a gallery walk to address the following issues and offer recommendations on how to address these issues as they arise once our devices arrive.

  • Student doesn't have his/her laptop with them for class
  • Student comes to class without a charged laptop/used all of the battery before they get to your class
  • No internet access at home
  • Where will we store them if the parents do not allow the students to bring them home? How will this process work for pickup/drop off?
  • Parents refuse for their students to have a device/no AUP
  • Device malfunctions during class
  • Internet goes down during class
  • How will every student having a device change your instructional delivery?
  • Students that are off task during the lesson (Steps or consequences for behavior)
  • Students viewing inappropriate material during lesson
  • What are the expectations for students in only handling their own devices/not touching other students' devices?
  • What do we do with the devices during lunch?
  • Will students be allowed to take them to lunch?
  • Other Concerns?

New IB Subject Guides & IB Unit Planner/ Interdisciplinary Unit Work Session

Learning targets:

  • I can articulate the main components of the new IB subject guide for my content area (requirements for assessment tasks, similarities and differences when compared to old subject guide, etc).
  • I can revise my IB Unit Planners to be aligned with the new IB template.

Overview of session:

  • Exploration of new subject guides
  • Work session for IB Units (could include inter-disciplinary unit work time if needed)

Subject Guides:

(Final publication of subject guides will happen in May.)



Individuals & Societies

Language & Literature

Language Acquisition


Physical & Health Education


New Criteria at a Glance (all subjects)

This is included for your information. You will probably notice similarities when compared to other content areas.

Fill this out in department teams

This document will serve as a guide for us as we explore the new subject guides. Each department is at a different place in regards to how familiar you are with the new subject guide. You do not need to implement the new criteria and rubrics this spring, as the final draft will be published this May. Full implementation of the new subject guide will begin in the fall.

A few notes:

~Make sure you pay close attention to the example unit questions. There are some good ones in there!

~IB Requirements are often shown in boxes throughout the subject guide. There is a lot of relevant information NOT in the boxes, too.