The Spoiled Child

By: Eric Truong

Once there was a couple. They had a baby and named him Buck. They thought he was going to be a good boy and not spoiled. But as he grew up from a baby to a toddler the parent know how spoiled he was. Every day he would shout, scream, and cry to get what he wanted. He bought toys, towels, books (because he like the cover), and useless things. The parents kept buying and buying.

After two years Buck was 5 years old. The boy was still spoiled and still buy things. But then one day, the dad got fired and a week later the mom got fired too. Both of the parent were stressed because of the years. The family became homeless and they had to beg for money. Buck shout, scream, and cried but to his surprised the parent ignore him. He did the same thing but they won’t just listen. He finally saw how poor they were and so he sold all of his toys to raise fifteen thousand dollars. They got everything back and Buck never been a spoiled kid ever again.

Theme: Never count your eggs before they hatch