Drug-Free Partnership

By: Ismael Ybarra

Why Donate?

Donate because it is for a good cause! They are a non-profit organization, and believe that drug-free is the key. The majority of their funds are used in the development and implementation of prevention, intervention and treatment initiatives.

How do they contribute?

They established public education campaigns for awareness on illicit drugs. Their anti-ecstasy campaign resulted in 770000 fewer kids using ecstasy to get high. Their anti-inhalants campaign helped stop a 20 year-increase of inhalant use among teens. Last year they launched the "Meth Project".

How successful have they been?

They have a great reputation. Said by the New York Times, "One of the most effective drug-prevention organizations in the US." They are also 1 of only 13 organizations worldwide to receive the prestigious Discovery Health Medical Honors award.
The Partnership at Drugfree org TV Commercial, 'Prescription Drugs'

Media Partners

They have over 200 partners and supporters. From television, internet, print, and radio. Some partnerships include: Discovery Channel, Fox News, ESPN.com, Microsoft Online, National Geographic Channel, and many more.