California Redwood

By: Ezra Riendeau

Gymnosperms or Angiosperm



Key ID

The needles are not clustered onto one stem.

The needles on a redwood are not sharp.

The needles are short and irregular.

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Redwood tree description

*can reach to over 1000 - 1200ft

*their bark is strong.

*has very bushy spikes


Well, redwoods don't have any medical use but their fantastic for scientists to learn.

Craft & Affects

Carpenters say the Redwood wood is very reliable for making furniture.

Water needs

Redwoods need about 5.5in of water for it to survive.


They live in north California through southern Oregon.

Extraordinary stuff

They could live up to 300 -500 years old!!!

Life cycle

The Redwood trees are both biennial & annual

How is it pollinated?

Male cones produce pollen in winter through spring.