Climate Change

Ways Climate change affect the ocean

Coral reef changing

coral reef dies off by the loss algae cause by zooxanthellae. Its very sensitive to temperature changing. While bleached they are a weak and unhealthy.

Fish Migration

Climate change drives hundreds important of species to move away from tropics
Fish move towards the Earth's poles for cool waters and better oxygenation- water with healthier habitat & more food to eat.

Human Impact

Humans impact Climate change in the ocean by throwing their trash irresponsibly, oil spills, catching endangered fish, selling coral, etc.

Climate change raises awarness. It lets people know about their and environment how they affect the Earth.

Protecting Marine life

  • Eat fish that is healthful and sustainable.
  • Use fewer plastic products
  • Dispose trash responsibly
  • Recycle plastic and glass
  • Don't Purchase Items That Exploit Marine Life
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