Department of Homeland Security

"Security Saves Lives"

What does the Department of Homeland Security do?

  • Protects U.S. territory
  • Responds to terrorist attacks
  • Aviation security
  • Border control
  • Emergency response
  • Cybersecurity

Benefits of Increased Security

  • Prevent violent situations
  • Prevent terrorist attacks
  • Keep terrorists out of country
  • Evidence against criminals
  • Keeping citizens safe

Recent Events...

  • Law enforcement agencies have not been able to access online messages between terrorists due to encryption
  • Terrorists and Syrian Refugees have been entering the country on visas (light background checks)
  • Background checks are not extensive enough when purchasing a gun or entering the country

Change is Coming

  • Improvements to visa program
  • More surveillance in public places
  • More surveillance online
  • More extensive background checks
  • Not accepting Syrian Refugees

Cold Hard Facts

  • Primary terrorist targets are civilian and police
  • 90,000 terrorist attacks from 2006-2013
  • 53% of Americans do not want to accept Syrian Refugees
  • Only 1 in 10 people are actually patted down in airports

Security Saves Lives

This ad campaign will promote increased security and convince the general public that it is necessary to keep our country safe.

  • Use emotional appeal
  • Use ethical appeal
  • Use logical appeal
  • Repetition
  • Recent events for evidence