Working Conditions

Working conditions were bad and needed to be improved.

Working Conditions in factories are bad.

People worked six days a week in the heat with many machines that people needed to watch just in case they were to lose control. Factories were dirty and had very low ceilings, they never had there windows up they were always locked had well as the doors. It got to the point were workers were losing there jobs because of getting infections from hot polluted air.

Some working conditions could cause injuries.

Hard workers went through a lot.At times they would risk losing a limb or any body part. Their were kids crawling under machines just to fix the thread if it got tangled up.If any worker was to get sick or injured from the polluted air or the unguarded machines they would be force to quit or be fired. Children had a higher chance of being injured in the factories because they had to go under the dangerous machines.

I think that children should have been in school and not having to work 12 to 16 hours a day, 6 days a week. If they were to have a education then they would be able to get a higher paying job that is less dangerous, more there interest even though there were not a lot of jobs during the industrial revolution....

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