Brooke's family

By: Brooke Bisping

Introducing my family

I have a brother and a sister they are twins. They think they know everything after 5th grade but they don't. I have a mom that just graduated college. My dad I don't get to see a lot but he works nights so yeah. What i do in my community is go to the park by my house when it is nice. What makes my community awesome to me is that there's parks and schools close by. Why it is important to me because we have a lot of nice people here to take care of me.

All my family fun activity we do!!!!

We play cards games. On Christmas we go to my family's house or we stay at home. My community is inportant to me because it were I was born I been here my whole life. I think you would want to be a part of my community because we have a lot of fun as a family and my community. We are different from some community because they might not play games with there family or go any were.