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Thing Fast, Swag

Swiggity Swag

Going to school every day is a huge drag. Have a glass of swiggity swag every morning will keep you energized and motivated to complete the school day. It's a great way to start off the day and it will last up to 7 hours. More and more students have been purchasing them and have fallen in love with this strawberry banana flavored drink!

Athlete Swag

Athlete Swag is the energy drink of all athletes. It is a refreshing burst of energy that all athletes need to be abe to preform to the best of their ability. Bryce Harper is one of the many professional athletes that have used this drink. He has seen an increase in his energy and motivation. It is strawberry flavored and everyone who has tried it has not been disappointed.

Merica Swag

By drinking Merica Swag it will show your support for your country. Our Military is a proud supporter of this flavor. It is a blueberry and it is very rich. Try this flavor and you will not be disappointed. You will be able to make it through a 7 hour day and not experience and daytime sleepiness.

Swag Industries

Our purpose is to give you the possibility to do what you want to do to your full potential. We want people to be awake and not feel like they have to drag through their everyday life.

Major Swag

Major Swag also goes along with Athlete Swag. If you hit a homerun in baseball you have to pimp it. It will allow you to make it look extremely cool with a lot of swag. People will want to be like you and will ask you how you got like that. This raspberry flavored drink will help you pimp out your life!