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The Hunger Problem

Around the world, people suffer from malnutrition. Two billion people in the world suffer from various forms of malnutrition. Malnutrition is an underlying cause of death of 2.6 million children each year – a third of child deaths globally. 1 in 4 of the world’s children are stunted ; in developing countries this is as high as one in three. This means their bodies fail to develop fully as a result of malnutrition. Under-nutrition accounts for 11% of the global burden of disease and is considered the number one risk to health worldwide.

We are a Food Bank

A food bank is a non-profit organization that collects and distributes food to hunger relief charities. Food usually comes from various sources in the food industry, like grocery stores and wholesalers, that have thousands of pounds of food to give away - food that could otherwise be thrown away.

We warehouse the food, and with help from volunteers, sort, pack and re-distribute it to the community. Traditionally, a food bank does not distribute food directly to those in need.

Type of Food We Distribute

The Houston Food Bank puts high priority on making wholesome, nutritious foods available to our agencies. Much of what we distribute is fresh produce, dairy products, fresh meats, and other refrigerated and frozen products. More than 47 million nutritious meals leave our docks each year; that includes, of course, canned fruits and vegetables, pasta, fruit juices, and many other types of nonperishable foods.

Food Distribution Programs

Backpack Buddy
Nutritious kid-friendly food is provided for the weekend for at-risk children in schools grade K-12, as well as at summer meal program sites.

Emergency Food Pantry
Operated in partnership with the Emergency Aid Coalition, this pantry is located at the Houston Food Bank and is open extended hours to serve working families and individuals.

Keegan Kitchen
With help from volunteers, hot meals are prepared in our kitchen at the Keegan Center on the North Freeway for the Kids Cafe program.

Kids Cafe
Healthy meals and snacks served year-round on weekdays, along with nutrition and health education, to kids in after school and summer meal programs throughout the Houston area.

Nutrition Education
Classes in nutrition, food safety, meal preparation and budgeting taught in collaboration with Food Bank partner agencies.

Red Barrels
Red Barrels offer a convenient way for grocery shoppers to donate nonperishables to their neighbors in need through nearby food pantries.

Senior Box Program
Provides a monthly box of food to low income seniors and other eligible individuals.

Social Services Outreach
Assistance in applying for state-funded social and health services, including SNAP (food stamps), WIC, Medicaid, Children's Medicaid and others.

Teachers Aid
School supplies for teachers in low income schools

Houston Food Bank

More contact information on our website and twitter. Feel free to call for any additional questions you have.