East Middle School

How to thribe


To get to east middle school you can take the bus or can be droped off by your parent ect.


So after you get to school hear at east you can eat breckfest pervied by the school but it goes on your bill(the one the school seads to you if you eat school luch or breckfist).Then at 8:30 the bell rings then after that you have to get to your locker and put away your backpack.

the "houses" 6th 7th and 8th

Lunch and going home

So for lunch and leaving for home at 11:26 is when the 6th greaders go to lunch and at 12:22 is when lunch is over.Then at 3:40 that is when you go home and you are ether a pick up or a drop off the bus picks you up in back and cars in front-your parants-.then you go home and relax.
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