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Below is some repeat information, and some new information; including summaries of our athletic events from last week. Please take a look!

Currently, things are moving along as planned for TMS athletics. Athletes and coaches are doing their part to follow guidelines for practices and events.

Please check the newsletter for spectator guidelines for home events. Just like the athletes, we hope everyone will do their part to stop the spread. We appreciate your cooperation!

If you have any questions about anything 'TMS athletics', please email Mr. Leach ( or Mrs. Whitesell (

We ask that you remain patient with us as things can change quickly. Our goal is to provide as many athletic opportunities as possible while also keeping athletes, coaches, and fans safe!

Thank you,

Mr. Leach


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Spectator Guidelines - Repeat

As our home events start, we are following guidance from the CDC and state board of health in regards to spectators. The purpose of these requirements is to ensure we stop the spread of COVID-19; which will help ensure that we can keep our athletes in our gyms and on our fields without interruption.

Please do your part:

- Wear a mask when not eating;

- Observe Social distancing of at least 6ft when waiting for concessions or seated in the bleachers

- Wash hands frequently



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Eventlink/Schedules- Repeat

With the uncertainty of COVID-19, there may be a lot of changes in scheduling. Tipton Middle School uses Eventlink to manage all scheduling.

We urge anyone interested in TMS athletics to sign up, and download the Eventlink app from the Apple or Android store.

Once you sign up to TMS, and select the teams you are interested in, you will receive notifications of any changes to scheduling including time/location changes and cancellations.


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August 24, 2020 vs. Logansport

8th Grade Recap:

The Blue Devils kicked-off their first home game at 10am on Saturday; with the 8th grade playing first. It was a back-and-forth affair through the first half. Just before the half, the Berries were buried deep in Blue Devils territory on a 4th and forever. However, they were able to convert a reverse for a touchdown. The second half brought much of the same. The Blue Devils took a lead, only to give it up shortly after. The final important play of the game was a pick-6 for the Berries to secure the win. The Blue Devils played well, but a handful of bad plays determined this one.

7th Grade Recep:

The 7th grade group, behind a feisty defensive line led by William Wolford, put it to the Berries early and often. Logansport could not handle the pressure and, aside from an athletic quarterback, couldn't establish any momentum. The Blue Devils offense, led by Izayah Mahaney, win big 36-20.

Next Game: Wednesday September 2nd vs. Elwood(7th)/Sheridan(8th) (kickoff at 5:30pm)

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Pre-Practice Self Health Screen - Football

Athletes must complete before any practice or event.


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Cross Country

Cross-Country is open to all 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students attending Tipton Middle School.

Events Next Week:

September 3rd @ Eastern (6:00 start time)

September 4th vs. Noblesville East (5:00 start time)

Pre-Practice Self Health Screen - Cross Country

Athletes should complete the pre-screen before any practice or event.


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7th/8th Grade Girls Volleyball

Girls Volleyball is open to all 7th and 8th grade girls attending Tipton Middle School.


This year we will have a combined team that includes an "Blue Team" and "White Team" made of a combination of 7th/8th grade athletes.

Events Next Week: September 3rd @Tri-Central (6:00 start time)

7th/8th Grade Recap vs. Eastern

The volleyball teams traveled to Eastern Middle School for their first event of the season last Tuesday. The teams split with the Comets. The Blue Team secured the win, while the White Team fell short.

From Coach Lela Crawford:

The white team played its first match on Tuesday. We lost in two sets, but played hard and learned a lot! Hollyn Wilson played really well. She took the skills we learned in practice and carried them over to the game. I am very proud of all the Lady Devils on the Blue and White Teams.

From Coach Laurie Crawford:

TMS Blue Team Volleyball had their first game on August 25th against the Eastern Comets. Tipton brought home a win! Tipton won the first match 25-18 and the second match 25-4. Coach Crawford was amazed with how well they played. "Team play was outstanding and I can't wait to see their improvement every game", she said.

Pre-Practice Self Health Screen - Volleyball

All athletes should complete before any practice or event.


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Sideline Cheer

Cheerleading is open to Tipton Middle School students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade.

Questions? Please contact Coach Clifford (

Pre-Practice Self Health Screen - Cheerleading

All athletes should complete before any practice or event.

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