Not so Boring Boardbills

Karya Acar


Imagine you are swimming 50 miles per hour,in the deep waters,your predators dart away when they see a glimpse of you,trying to get away from your flat bill or also a sword.

Swordfish are amazing and intelligent fish. Swordfish are important when it comes to their habitat,body structure and diet.


It’s amazing to think about how these great fish live,eat and look. Swordfish are important fish in the ocean. They are the top 10 fastest animals in the ocean.

Swordfish Quizzle

Can you solve it?!?!

Swordfish Word Wall

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I made my diorama out out paper,clay and pipe cleaners. I have 11 organisms in total. My organisms are, Portuguese man of war, dolphin,jellyfish,sea turtle, my organism, a swordfish, seaweed,starfish,sea snail,sea urchin,coral and a clam.
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Swordfish Poem

Super Swordfish

Swordfish are super

Stupendous swimmers

Sister and brothers they all

Are the same

Swimming 50

Miles per hour

With its prey darting away.

Nothing can stop them from

Having ¨superpowers¨

After all they're the top of the

Food Chain and the

Top 10 fastest swimmers

In the ocean

You can't deny it

Their so super!

Go fish

For my go fish tank the theme was tropical so I got 2 elephant ear bettas and 2 nasarious snails along with a cherry barb. I enjoyed pretending to have a fish tank and get its needs and decorations.
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Swordfish Eye

The swordfish eye is as big as a softball!
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watch the video where they go hunting for swordfish