Ivy Medina

Dublin, Ireland

airfare cost and schedule

From Denver, Colorado to Dublin, Ireland for two people it would cost $2155.

Flight Time: 21 Hours & 30 minutes

Single Price: $1078

Depature: 11:05am Arrival: 4:40pm (Denver --> Canada)

Departure: 7:50pm Arrival: 7:30am (Canada --> Dublin)



Once I get to Dublin, Ireland i'll be going to stay at The Fitzwilliam Hotel.

Price: $11,042 for 33 nights

Price: $345 Nightly

Having a shuttle to the airport for my departure is very important to me so I can get to my plane on time rather than have to find a taxi company and try to get a ride in the next hour. Also, Internet and wifi connections are very important for me because I would like to communicate with my friends and family back home. Plus I would still like to be able to use my phone so I wouldn't have to pay to make long distance calls using the hotel phones or even phones outside of the building that i'm staying at.

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