"Night Of Broken Glass"

Bobbie Tindel

It happened on November 9, 1938, within 2 days over 250 Synagogues were burned, over 7,000 Jewish businesses were trashed. Jewish cemeteries, hospitals, schools, and homes were looted while police and fire brigades stood aside.

That is why it is known as "Kristallnacht," the "Night Of Broken Glass," from the shattered glass from the store windows that littered the streets. The day after all this happened over 30,000 German Jewish men were arrested for the "crime" of being Jewish and also sent to concentration camps.

Some Jewish women were arrested and sent to jail. Businesses owned by Jews were not allowed to reopen, unless they were managed by non-Jews. Curfews were placed on Jews, limiting the hours of the day they could leave their homes.

The destruction was worse than reported. Estimating about 7,500 Jewish shops were destroyed and there were several incidents of rape. The rapists were expelled from the Nazi party and handed over to police for prosecution. The ones who killed Jews "cannot be punished," according to the authorities, because they were following orders.

It was the worst night of thousands of Jews, it was "The Night Of Broken Glass."