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Welcome to the February issue of the Connected Newsletter from the Division of Student Academic Success. This issue focuses on Mid-Term Progress Reporting and shares valuable insight regarding final grades and progress reports from fall 2019. Take a look at the new section, "Did you know?", to find tips, updates and useful information to help navigate RaptorConnect!


Saturday, March 21st from 3PM EST to Sunday, March 22nd 12PM EST.

The platform is scheduled to undergo maintenance on Saturday, March 21st from 3PM EST to Sunday, March 22nd 12PM EST. Please note that the system will NOT be operational during this time including the student scheduling component. An appropriate message will be displayed to students who attempt to schedule appointments during this time.

Spring 2020 Mid-Term Progress Reporting Monday, February 24 - Monday, March 23

Mid-Term Progress Reporting offers faculty an opportunity to provide students with feedback at a strategic point in the semester to ensure students can take steps to improve their academic performance.

Instructors may issue progress reports for the following concerns:

  • Poor Attendance
  • Never Attended
  • Stopped Attending
  • Missing Assignments/Homework
  • Poor Quiz/Test Grades
  • Writing Skills Concern
  • Cannot Pass with Remaining Coursework
  • Clinical Concern (Nursing)
  • Graduate Student Concern (Nursing)

Students are immediately notified via email if they receive a progress report indicating concern. Click here to read the content of these messages. Students may access the details of their progress report(s) by logging into RaptorConnect, then clicking on the 'Reports' tab.

For more information regarding Progress Reports:

FAQ for Students

FAQ for Faculty

Instructions for Issuing Progress Reports

Spring 2020 Progress Report Dashboards

Progress Report data will be updated throughout the Progress Report Period.

Data Insight

Fall '19 - Final Grades & Progress Reports

Top level findings:

  • 61% of students marked with concerns ultimately earned a C or better in their course.
  • 55% of students marked with concerns improved their grade by at least 1 full letter grade.
  • 61% of students who ultimately earned a grade of D or F were identified with a progress report concern.
  • 61% of students with multiple concerns in a single course ultimately earned a D or F.
  • 71% of students who ultimately dropped their course were marked with a concern.
  • 86% of students who ultimately dropped their course received a mid-term grade of D or F.

Did You Know?

Student Success Predictive Model (Support Level)

Did you know that built into RaptorConnect is a customized Student Success Predictive Model (SSPM)? Developed by EAB for Rutgers Camden, the SSPM helps to predict the persistence likelihood of our students. The SSPM incorporates statistics and data science to give us invaluable insight into students' likelihood of academic success. Support Level, located on the student Overview tab, was updated on January 29th to reflect the most current student data, providing more accurate support levels for our students.

Click here to learn how to use the Student Success Predictive Model to help manage your student caseload.

Special Instructions When Entering Availability

Did you know under the My Availability tab, when adding availability, entering 'Special Instructions for Students' provides additional information to the appointment confirmation message that students receive when they make an appointment? Consider including your office location, items they should bring to their appointment, links to websites or suggest they use the Comments Box to ask questions ahead of their appointment. Special Instructions is an easy way to help students prepare for their appointment!

Create a Rule in Outlook to Manage Appointment Notifications

Are Appointment Notifications jamming up your inbox? Did you know that you can create a rule in Outlook that moves appointment notifications (and any other messages that you define) to selected sub-folders? Click here for step-by-step instructions to rid your inbox of unwanted messages!



FERPA on File

Updated on 2/13/2020

NEW! Applied for Graduation - May 2020

Updated on 2/13/2020

This new tag identifies students who have applied for graduation in May, 2020. Consider using this tag in Advanced Search or to Send Message.


Student Achievement Note Reason

Student Achievement is available as a new Note reason and can be issued by any user. Sharing positive student information helps form a holistic picture of a student's experience.


Request New User Access / Change User Access Form

Please use this form to request or change access to RaptorConnect. After your supervisor’s approval for access, new users must review and agree to follow FERPA guidelines for accessing student data.

Text Messaging

The number of text messages users can send at one time has increased from 50 to 100 students. Please see the new Text Messaging Configuration/FAQ and Text Messaging Guidelines.

User Guide for Communications

Student Messaging Through the Platform

  • Alert Notifications
  • Recording Attendance
  • Case Notifications
  • Appointment Communications

"The Murky Middle Project"
The Murky Middle is the sizeable but often overlooked group of students who manage to complete their first year with a GPA between 2.0 and 3.0 but still stand a good chance of dropping out before completing their degree. The fate of the Murky Middle student is just that—murky. This population demands attention, but with limited resources, it isn’t possible to target the entire group.

How to Thrive During Peak Advising Times Webinar

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