Don't Let Co-op Push You Around!

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Co-op is conducting training in the library until September 18th. But it doesn't mean the learning for your class has to wait. While Co-op is in the house, our teacher-librarians can come to your classroom and give your class a mini-lesson. Example lessons include:

  • How to Find a Book in the Library
  • Plagiarism
  • Why Did You Copy the Homework? Or Ethics of Unearned Learning
  • How to Use Images, Honestly
  • Library eResources

In the library learning commons

Once the Co-op students are on placement, the library is the perfect place for a

  • scavenger hunt
  • a MLA/APA workshop
  • lesson on Creating a Focus Statement
  • a dystopian novel literature circle
  • and more!

Other ideas?

We love to work on new projects! Drop by or send us an e-mail with your ideas.

Also check for other lessons that we offer.

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