Course Update

Biology AB-18 Weeks

Hello Parents and Students,

As of Tuesday, January 20, 2015 all assignments have been graded and grades are up to date. A zero (0) in the grade-book means that an assignment on the schedule to be completed for this course was not submitted.

Overall this class is doing a great job completing assignments but there is always room for improvement. Please take your time when completing assignments and please keep track of what assignments are due. The next assignment due date is Friday, January 30th.

If you are having any problems with understanding how to complete your assignments, please contact me immediately. I am here to assist you.

Weekly Online Meetings

Adobe Synchronous Sessions are held on a weekly basis, every Thursday at 7:00 pm.
It is very important to attend all these sessions live or listen to the recording. This time is specifically for you to receive help with the course content, asks questions, and participate in enrichment activities.
We will have our next meeting on January 22nd.

Meet the Author

Amanda Holmes
Biology Instructor, Science Department