Apps For Mobile Learning

by Emily Matheson

Lucid Chart

Lucidchart is an app for drawing diagrams. It allows you to collaborate with others and make quick, easy diagrams for a good visual representation of your work.

It can be used for many subjects and may appeal to the visual learner. This tool will allow students to break down ideas, link them and put them into specific categories. It could be used in a biology class to sort parts of anatomy and there functions.

Journal Jar

Journal Jar generates a question students can use to guide their writing. This is a fun way to spark creativity in your students as they think about how to best answer the question.

It can be used in a lower level elementary language arts classroom. This will encourage creativity and give students a chance to work on writing skills. It can also be used as a quick warm up activity.

My Math Flash Card App

My Math Flash Card App generates random addition, subtraction, multiplication and division questions. You can choose to focus on specific time tables or generate randomly.

This app could be used in an elementary classroom during Math. It provides students with plenty of practice and so they become more comfortable doing simple math in their head.


VoiceThread provides a hub where students may post videos, images, diagrams ect. This tool is great for collaboration because it allows other classmates to view and comment on the posts.

VoiceThread can be used for group or individual projects. For example, for a group project students could choose to use the app to post a video of themselves doing a fun skit on Shakespeare or act out the water cycle. Other classmates could then provide feedback in the comment section.


There are not very many places children can access news geared toward their reading level and age range. However, DOGOnews provides articles and current events to children and teachers.

This app is versatile, you can use it for any subject. A PhysEd teacher could use it to ask his students to research an article about Lacrosse or a Social Studies teacher could use the app for current events. Close reading and writing skills could be developed if you ask the children to answer questions about the article. They would also learn about what is happening in their community.