Ms. Gina Ottinger

Grade 5 and 6 Computers

All About Me:

My name is Gina Ottinger (Ms. Ottinger or Ms. O) and I am your child's Computer teacher. A little bit about me, I graduated in 1998 from Cleveland State University with a B.A. in Special Education (k-12). In 2002, I earned my M.A. in Educational Technology from Cleveland State University. I have the Technology Endorsement to teach technology (K-12). I did my student teaching and first year of teaching in Parma City Schools. I then was hired by the Cuyahoga County Service Center as an Intervention Specialist and was placed at Cuyahoga Heights High School for 1 year. I was transferred to Polaris Career Center for 2 years and then was hired in Berea in August of 2002. I was an Intervention Specialist at Ford Middle School from August 2002 until June 2013. In August 2013, I began teaching Computer courses (grades 5,6,8). The first 2 years I traveled between MHJH and FIS however this year I am full-time at FIS teaching 5th and 6th grade. I also have a homeroom on Team 6C. My family and I reside in Parma. I have 2 children (boys); ages 6 (Mason) and 10 (Logan). We have 1 cat named Chief. Our days are quite busy with sports as the boys play for Lou Groza Football and my oldest plays travel baseball for Berea Titans. My favorite NFL team is the Green Bay Packers with my favorite player being #52 Clay Matthews III. I enjoy the time I get to spend with my boys. I love kids! This is why I make the difference in the lives of children. I look forward to meeting all of you throughout this school year and please remember together we are a team and are all responsible in the success of your child's education!
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4th Quarter Happenings

A good portion of April will be spent on state-testing and online prep or at this point there are no specific "due dates" but more class-time work days and I will determine as the time approaches when due dates will be set and I will communicate that via Infinite Campus messenger and also on my class Moodle and to your students daily in class.

This quarter the students are working using their creativity skills...

Grade 5 : All About ME multimedia presentation using Google Slides.. that the students will work on via Moodle by first completing the pre-assessment..then we will do a design tips worksheet to help them understand the HOW TO's before creating their own slideshow about themselves..and family..and likes/dislikes...favorites..and future goals.

Grade 6: They will be working on a Google Earth Scavenger Hunt...they will learn how to use coordinates..follow directives on how to take a screen shot view of the page..answer questions regarding specific will also take them to the outer-space view where they will navigate on other planets.

Also in both grades ALL the students should be continuing to work on Keyboarding Online: class time is given however they may need to complete some of the lessons at home:

*THESE LESSONS WILL BE ASSIGNED ON DAY ONE OF 4th QTR AND ARE DUE ON 5/19..the scores will turn to a zero on 5/25 when I post final grades

Grade 5: lessons 26-36

Grade 6: lessons 12-18

What's Going On In Computer.....

Course Overview:

Students will have various opportunities to develop and use basic skills related to the themes of:

· Creativity and Innovation

· Communication and Collaboration

· Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making

· Digital Citizenship

· Technology Operations and Concepts

Concepts to be taught:

· Keyboarding (Review), File Management, and Navigation

· Basic Computer Application Skills

· Computer Hardware/Software

· Fair Use, Copyright, Creative Commons, and Desktop Publisher

· Google Docs/Google Collaboration/Google Bookmarks/Google Apps/Google Classroom

· Digital Citizenship and Internet Safety

· Multi-Media Presentations

· Programing/Web 2.0 tools

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Above is an example of the type of avatars that we created...we used.. (and chose Avatar)

If you don't remember how to LOG IN.....



Example: Clay Matthews

password: student district password

Infinite Campus:

lunch code (their student id)

Password: firstinitiallastinitialmmddyy note: some students need to use a 4 digit year

Example: Clay Matthews born on May 14, 1986: cm051486 or cm05141986

Keyboarding Online

School PW: bereaoh

Student PW: student district password