Saint Kateri School's Weekly Newsletter ~ October 15, 2020


Principal Newsletter

Hello Saint Kateri School families,

I pray that you all enjoyed the long holiday weekend with your family. What a nice break for all of us to relax and recharge!

Thank you to everyone that attended our Parent Meeting ~ we had representation from families from preschool to 5th grade! There was great questions and conversation around clarification of the COVID procedures as well as supporting our students remotely. See below for more information and next steps.

We are had our first Parent's Association meeting last week on ZOOM. Many creative ideas and enthusiasm for our SKS students ~ we are building our school-family connections, One Event at a Time! Thank you to our Room Parents that attended and those that attended out of love for our school. We left there with ideas and next steps for fundraising for technology and ways to bring us more in connection with our alumni. The schedule for the upcoming Parent's Association meetings can be found below. We hope to see you next time ~

All K-5th grade students have finished their I-Ready diagnostics in ELA and Math. We use this information to determine any support services that our students may need this year. Classroom teachers also use the diagnostic, along with other assessments, to place students in learning groups. When students have completed each of the diagnostic areas (ELA and Math), they will be able to access the instructional component of I-Ready, at school and at home. Their diagnostic results will place them on a learning path ~ with teachers given the ability to modify the pace and difficulty depending on the individual student. Teachers will be sharing login information with families after the diagnostics are complete ~ Please see your child's teacher if you have any questions regarding I-Ready.

We will bring a little Halloween fun to our SKS school on Friday, October 30th. Our students will have the opportunity to dress up and participate in a Halloween parade around our school campus and we will have a whole school BINGO game with prizes. The parade will begin at 9:00 when the students will exit the school through the main entrance and walk the loop around the school building. Families will be able to park around the school and be able to watch the children as they parade. Unfortunately, families will not be able to join the parade or to attend the Halloween festivities inside the building. Parking will be on the side of the driveway away from the school to allow cars to move freely through the campus. Please wait until 8:30, when Car Lines have ended to park your car for the Parade. Refer to the Halloween Costume Guidelines for information about appropriate costumes. Students must have a signed permission slip in order to wear a costume. Thank you!

God is good ~ all the time! All the time ~ God is good!

Peace and Light!

Mrs. Terri L. Morgan, Principal


Phone: (585) 467-8730

Parent's Association

Welcome to Saint Kateri School!

We welcomed Mrs. Brynna Dinsmore to SKS on Tuesday, she will be teaching Music to our students. Thank you to our substitute teachers, former Saint Kateri School teachers, that helped us through this time. Mrs. Schreiber, our former Music teacher, has happily volunteered to help provide support to Mrs. Dinsmore for our school Masses and Prayer Services. We are So blessed!

Welcome to the Saint Kateri School family!

Mrs. Gasic came to school this week for Picture Day. Our students and Faculty were also very excited to meet Nikolas! Congratulations Mrs. G!
Big picture

Our SKS family is growing!

Thank you to our families for being such great advocates for our school and spreading the good news about our school. These past two weeks we have welcomed the O'Grady and the Guido family to our school with students in 1st grade. Welcome to SKS!

Pick Up Patrol (PUP)

Pick Up Patrol (PUP)

Pick Up Patrol (PUP) has begun and SO many families have registered in the program ~ Thank you! The Main Office and our Teachers are learning the program as a tool to process dismissal changes, dismissing students into cars and on buses and daily health certifications for students and staff.

Daily Health Certifications for your child have begun and we have many families already going into the PUP program to do their child's health screening each morning. Please take the time to go into PUP and learn the steps to complete your health certification each day. Car Line teachers will be asking to see your child's "Green" ~ All Set to go!

Please remember:

  • ... to place your Car Sign in your front window so that the Bus Teachers can see it from afar. It makes it easier when we are looking to call students from the hallway or the gym to be dismissed from the building.

Thank you!

Adding PUP to your IPhone or Android

The PickUp Patrol web cloud is not downloaded from an app store. You simply add it to your phone’s home screen following the instructions for your phone type and browser below.


· Open in Safari.

· Tap the “share/send” icon on the bottom menu bar (rectangle with an “up” arrow).

· Choose “Add to Home" (you may need to scroll right/left or further down to see this icon).

· Rename the page with something short like "PickUp Patrol” or “PUP".

· Click ADD in the top right corner.


· PUP works in Chrome, but we recommend you use Safari to add PUP to your home screen.


· Open in Chrome.

· Tap on the 3 dots on the top right.

· Scroll down and tap on “Add to Home Screen”.


· Open in Chrome

· Tap on the Menu button. The appearance of the Menu button will depend on your device—usually it's a button that looks like three horizontal lines stacked on top of each other, or it could be accessed through a hardware button on your phone.

· Tap "Add to Home Screen".


· Open in Edge.

· In the Ellipsis menu (lower right corner), choose “Add to Home Screen”.

· Select “Add” and “OK” after the prompts.

· Choose “Add to Home".


· Open in Firefox.

· Press the Menu button (either below the screen on some devices or at the top-right corner of the browser), then tap on “Page”.

· Tap “Add Page Shortcut”, Your shortcut should now appear on your home screen.

Tip: If you want to change the label on your shortcut, bookmark that page first, then change its title on the Edit Bookmark window. On the Bookmarks panel, do a long tap on that site and choose “Add Page Shortcut”.

Note: PickUp Patrol DOES NOT work with Internet Explorer.

Reminders from the Main Office

  • Please return your signed Halloween Costume Guidelines to the Main Office if your child wants to participate.
  • Save Around books need to be returned to the Office
  • T-Shirt order forms are due Friday, October 16th. No late forms can be accepted due to printing timelines.

Upcoming Calendar Dates:


  • 10/14: School Pictures
  • 10/15: School Pictures
  • 10/19: Curriculum Night Principal Presentation sent to families
  • 10/19-10/22: Classroom Teacher ZOOM meetings
  • 10/20: Quiet Mass at 9:00am: 4th/1st
  • 10:21: Saint Kateri Prayer Service at 9:00am
  • 10/27: Quiet Mass at 9:00am: 3rd/K
  • 10/30: Halloween Parade 9:00am


  • 11/3: School Mass at 9:00am **This is a in-school learning day
  • 11/4: Parent's Association (6:00-7:30)
  • 11/6: 1st quarter ends
  • 11/10: Quiet Mass at 9:00am: 5th/2nd
  • 11/11: NO SCHOOL Veteran's Day
  • 11/17: Quiet Mass at 9:00am: 4th/1st
  • 11/23: Half Day Dismissal (Preschool-11:00, K-5-11:30)
  • 11/23: Parent Teacher Conferences (12:00-7:00pm)
  • 11/24: Half Day Dismissal (Preschool-11:00, K-5-11:30)
  • 11/24: Parent Teacher Conferences (12:00-3:00pm)
  • 11/25-11/27: NO SCHOOL Thanksgiving Recess

One Way Traffic ~

Please remember that the Bus Loop in front of the school is ONE WAY ~
  • The loop in front of the school is ONE WAY ~ even if there are no buses in the loop. Please enter the Christ the King campus from the North driveway off Kings Highway S., not from the South driveway. The loop runs North to South in front of the church and school.
  • You can leave school through Kearney Rd. ~ but DO NOT enter the school campus from Kearney Rd. You will need to enter at the North driveway off Kings Highway S.

COVID Chronicles

Our Top Priority is to keep our students and staff healthy

On October 1st, New York State issued new guidelines for schools and the requirements for our teachers and students to be able to return to school after being sick. The PK -12 Toolbox spells out the questions you are asking with easier to follow answers to your questions.

Some major points ~

  • Telemedicine appointments will be allowed as a way to see your child's Health Care Provider (HCP) for next steps or "All Clear" letters
  • HCP's have been given more ability to determine next course of action when a child has a COVID-19 symptom.
  • The toolbox papers below give very easy to read and understand guidelines to help families when their child is sick and to help teachers when they are sick to know when they can return to work

There will be more information and clarification in the coming days. I am attaching the most current guidelines for you to read. Please reach out to me if you have any questions.

Thank you!

PK-12 Toolbox for students returning to school with COVID-19 symptoms

Distance Learning expectations

We have been very blessed to be able to return to in-person learning this school ~ every day ~ and it has been great for all of us! To be with each other, face to face, learning and playing together has filled us up. BUT, realistically we have to be prepared if there is a time in the future we are required to move to distance learning. This was an important topic discussed in our last Parent Meeting and will continue to be made a priority.

Teachers will continue to work together to create consistent, shared expectations for:

  • Teachers
  • Students
  • the adults that support our students in Distance Learning (parents, guardians, grandparents, etc.)

Look for updates in the upcoming weeks ~

Share with your friends ~

Thank you for sharing your positive thoughts about our school with your friends and family members!

We are available for 5 full days in-person instruction! Registration paperwork can be found on our website,

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Please contact us with any questions you may have regarding the Registration or Financial Aid process.