juliet internal conflict

people shouldn't be seperated if they love each other

act 2 scence 3

What is this mixture do not work at all, shall i be married then tomorrow, no no! juliet is speaking to herself about the mixture of the drink not working and she thinks it won't work. this is related to the theme because she is trying to figure out by her self so its internally.
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act 5 scene 3

yea, noise? Then i'll be brief. o happy dagger! This is sheath; there rust, and let me die.

Juliet is taking to the chief watchman about leaving the tumb. Its a decision that juliet has to make whether she will she will kill herself over romeo or will she live without him and she has to make that decision in her head and that means its internally.

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act 2 scence 3

That living mortals, hearing them run, mad o if i wake, shall i not be distraught, with all these hidden fears. She is taking to her self about the whole plan and how she thinks it won't work and how she is scared. This is related to the theme because she is thinking to herself about how the drink isn't gonna work and so she is scared and worried.
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Theme act 5 scene 6

No, no. But all thus i know before what did he say of our marriage. She is deciding whether to marry romeo and to make her father upset but she would be happy or not to marry Paris and to make her father happy but she won't be happy.

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