The Mythonic Adventures

A Sonic inspired game based on four Greek Adventures.

Mythonic Adventures is fun for Everyone.

Based on Greek Mythology, this classic game is Rated E for everyone. A more modern version, the game can be played on any gaming system, computer, or smartphone.

What the game is about.

Without spoiling it too much, there are four levels to this game. Each level will be based on one of the four Greek adventure stories. Each level will be a new story. You will have a different character and a new boss on every level just like in the actual game.

Tate Johnson & Daniel Phifer

Guaranteed to be fun for everyone and quite the adventure.

Is this game as hard for some as it is for others?

Some people may find this game to be easy or hard. Luckily we made this game capable with the ability to change your difficulty. Just go to your game settings and it will be under difficulty. There is a beginner, novice, hard, and expert. So whether you are and extreme gamer or just starting, we try to make this game as fun as possible for everyone.

We are Mythonic and Friends

For any further questions, comments, and/or concerns, feel free to call our office at (888)-888-8888. We hope you enjoy.