Tsunamis By: Morgan

How do tsunamis form? How long to tsunamis last?

How do Tsunamis form?

Tsunamis form when there is a deep disturbance below the ocean surface. When there is a volcano , earthquakes , or landslides. The seafloor slips down after an Earthquake , volcano , or landslide happens. After that, sudden change in the depth of the sea floor starts a tsunami. Next waves slow down and pile up towards land , then tsunami reaches land and that's how a tsunamis form and happen. Tsunamis last for about 5 minutes to an hour. Most tsunamis happen in the Pacific Ocean tsunamis also travel very far. A tsunami in Alaska can affect Hawaii.

What tsunamis do

Tsunamis are very powerful they can wipe out cities , beaches, whole towns , kill people,and flood homes.