Soft Circuit Workshop

- learn how to combine sound & textile

Join the fun! It's free!

The soft circuit and sound workshop invites you to create a fun musical interface, that integrate various elements of art, new technology, music and play - all during a one day workshop with sandwiches provided!

Participation is free!

- but take care to sign up before the 20. june

(there is only 10 places!)

The event will be in English!

Soft Circuit Workshop

Friday, Jun 21st, 12-8pm

34 Sallingsundvej

Aalborg Øst, North Denmark Region

Agenda 21. june

Eat before you come...

12:00 Workshop begins

15:00 Afternoon snack

18:00 A Light dinner

20:00 Workshop finished!

The Spot - a free space!

The Spot is an apartment for you to use for creative projects in your own time... occasionally there will be differerent activities and creative projects to take part in!

Stay tuned for a bike building workshop in August... and a architectural concrete competion for you to win...

Do you have ideas for activities or projects - do you need a workingspace and maybe som help getting started? - please get in touch!

You get access and share the space with the other users.


Christian Fumz phone: 25382090

Check out the videos below...

Farm sheep
Farm - Soft Circuitry and Sound