Eating Disorders

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Eating Disorder summary

Eating disorders are one of the most dangerous and threat to addiction issues that people have. It is easy to understand why, food is an addiction weither you cant stop it or you cant excape losing it. Its obvious that a 200$ a day herion habit is a problem, but everyone needs to eat everyday. While no body needs cocaine.

“Eating disorders are catogorized as a mental illness, where there is an unhealthy relationship with food.” said the National Eating Disorder Assosiation. People with eating disorders often have problems with there image of body and they have problems with their normal activites of unusual eating habits. There are three main types of eating disorders anerexia, buluimia, and binge eating.

In the United States 20 million girls and about 10 million guys have eating disorders.

Positive Reinforment

Stoping Eating disorders and helping with our health issues will prevent depression

Negitive Reinforcment

Eating disorders make depression very hard to recover i have recently had a best friend with an eating disorder. And she still has very bad depression.