Amelia Earhart

By Olivia Gilbert 4-W

Amelia Earhart

Their has been underwater drones and underwater robots looking for particles.

Amelia was born on July 24th 1897, but right now she is 115 years old.

The mysterious disappearance happened in 1937.

From all the research they've done they think that she landed/crashed on an island called Gardner Island.

There has been parts found from the underwater investigators that, we think that they came from Amelia's plane.

There are search groups looking all around the island.

There's aircraft looking for any sign of Amelia/ Amelia's plane.

There's scuba divers looking for anything that may show any sign of Amelia.

Amelia almost flew around the world, if it wasn't for her disappearance she would have flew around the world.

She married somebody named George Palmer Putman.

And that's bacicly all we know about the mysterious Amelia Earhart. ?????????????????