Happy Birthday Jesus

Thank you for your love

Jesus Is The Only Begotton Son of Our Father God in heaven.

Jesus He Is The Only ONE.

It is His name we proclaim.

The One whose name is Hallowed,

The One who always stays the same.

The One who was crucified but it's we who are guilty an to blame.

He bled and died for us.

But it is him who we cuss.

Because we want to follow after our own lust.

And All he wants is our trust.

Because He already knows

But still His love on us He bestowed.

On December 25 we celebrate Christmas

Giving gifts to OneAnOther

Let's remember we are the Other and He is The ONE.

I just did what I was lead to do. If it led me here then I am here for you.

Jesus is who I believe in And He told me That He

Believes in YOU!

He said all My Shades Of Color Are from Jacob's flock

To them I give My life,

I Am Jesus Christ Their ROCK

To Sit, To Walk, To Stand

I bring them into their own land.

A land to live free

Free in Your heart you see

A man's heart that is in bondage Is their tragedy.

To them I give My life I shed My blood upon a tree.

The blood I shed cleanses the heart from sin from within.

So you are free to see the truth & God's glory

Then you will become a New Creation In Christ

To live in peace and Not in strife.

This gift of His is to All the Nations.