2019 Summer Experience

High School - For incoming 9th-12th grade students

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Specialized Classes

Lebanon High School Summer Experience Opportunities

These courses are designed for students entering 9th through 12th grade.

Specialized Courses:

Driver’s Education

Students MUST be 15 prior to June 3, 2019 to register for this course. Student must also have proof of a driving permit prior to their first drive.

Driver’s Education will take place from May 28th through June 28th, 2019. Students will be required to attend 4 days of seated classes on May 28th - May 31st from 8:00am - 3:00pm. Attendance is mandatory in all seated class sessions. Absences or consistent tardiness may result in removal from the course. Driving rotations will be scheduled from June 3 - June 28, 2019. No high school credit is given, but the course will be noted on transcripts. School transportation will not be provided to and from Driver’s Education. Course is limited to 100 participants. Students must provide current driving permit by June 3, 2019. Driving permits must be submitted to Mr. Matthews Office.

Launch Students: If you are taking the course through Launch, your driving spot will ONLY be guaranteed under the following conditions: 1) there is room from students taking the seated course, 2) you are present at LHS on May 31st to be scheduled, 3) complete the required assignments from Launch prior to driving.

Credit Recovery (½ Credit in Recovered course for each ½ day taken, 1 credit maximum during Summer Experience)

Designed for 9th - 12th Grade students who are credit deficient.

Current and transfer high school students will use Launch to complete courses in which they had previously failed with between a 50 to 59 percent. Students will complete coursework under the supervision of teachers and counselors. Students will be able to complete coursework at their own pace through the summer timeline, with teachers available to assist when clarification of materials is needed.


Students interested in taking online Launch courses need to see their counselor. School counselors will have the course list available for students/parents. Students and parents must complete and sign a registration form (received from the counselor) prior to being enrolled in a Launch course. All students taking a Launch course during June or July must attend a required student orientation in May (date/time TBD).

Morning Opportunities (½ Day)

(8:00 am - 11:30 am - includes breakfast and lunch. No transportation at the end of morning classes.)

Half Day Classes

Summer Art Experience and The Mural Project (½ general elective credit)

Summer Art Experience and the Mural Project can be taken all day or half day. Students can work on a community mural at the L-Life Food Bank or in the Art Hall at LHS. Students may also work on individual art projects in a variety of media such as clay, paint, drawing and textiles.

Creative Writing: Fiction and Poetry (½ general elective credit)

Engage creativity and imagination with a writing class designed for exploration. Creative Writing: Fiction and Poetry allows for students to create original forms of descriptive writing, poetry and short fiction. Students will focus on writing craft and originality to create works to be shared. Students will practice pieces for personal use and be taught the steps for publication as well as the opportunity to submit to local journals.

Afternoon Opportunities (½ Day)

(10:45 am - 2:45 pm - includes lunch. No transportation at the start of classes.)

Summer Art Experience and The Mural Project (½ general elective credit)

Summer Art Experience and the Mural Project can be taken all day or half day. Students can work on a community mural at the L-Life Food Bank or in the Art Hall at LHS. Students may also work on individual art projects in a variety of media such as clay, paint, drawing and textiles.

Full Day Classes

Full Day Opportunities

(8:00 am - 2:45 pm - includes breakfast and lunch.)

ACT Prep- 2 WEEKS ONLY June 3rd-14th (½ general elective credit)

This course is a hands-on ACT prep course which allows students to sharpen their testing skills by:
--taking practice tests with detailed explanations
--exploring all subject areas of the ACT
--exploring and utilizing test-taking strategies
--Gaining access to online tools that can be utilized past the life of the course
ALL while being project-based!

Your time in the course will make you a more well-rounded, knowledgeable individual with enhanced academic and life skills. Community Partnerships range from guest speakers to whatever capacity students find to include the community in their project based learning (PBL), the sky is the limit. Possible field trips would involve problem-thinking skills under pressure, like Clue Pursuit, Escape Room, Race 2 Xcape, Lake Escape, 417 Escape Artist, or Escape St. Robert.

Personal Finance-2 WEEKS ONLY June 3rd-14th or June 17th-28th (½ Personal Finance Credit)

(For incoming 11th-12th grade students)

This course is a two week full day course for juniors and seniors. You may sign up for the 1st two weeks or the 2nd two weeks. There is a class capacity of 20 students each session.
Students who complete the course will be prepared to make sound financial decisions. They will acquire information on savings and investment, using credit, insurance, and retirement. This course meets all requirements for required Personal Finance credit. Students will use an online, self-paced curriculum for this course.

Explorer Camp-2 WEEKS ONLY June 3rd-June 14th (½ general elective credit)


EXPLORER CAMP will take place at Bennett Spring State Park and will engage students in a wide range of outdoor activities and demonstrations! Each day will begin with fishing, taught by trained volunteers from the Missouri Department of Conservation. Afternoons will include a variety of activities: hiking, trail clean-up and recycling service projects, CrossFit, yoga, self-defense, reading, field journaling, archery, Dutch Oven cooking, camping survival, geocaching, first aid training, and even kayaking! Demonstrations will include the World Bird Sanctuary’s eagle presentation, snake awareness, Hug-A-Tree, animal pelt and print identification, multicultural activities (music and storytelling), and MORE! Every activity will be thoroughly supervised by teachers, park staff, park volunteers, and high school volunteers.

Psychology of the Holocaust-2 WEEKS ONLY June 3rd-June 14th (½ general elective credit)

We will use Psychological Examination to briefly study the How & the Why of the Holocaust. Potential field trips include the Holocaust Museum in Saint Louis or the the Holocaust Studies library in Kansas City. In addition we will have a local expert in psychological studies present information related to psychological persuasion and trauma.

Comic Book Connections 2 WEEKS ONLY June 3rd-June 14th (½ general elective credit)

Calling all comic book people! Comic books often make ties to actually history going on during the time of their creation. These heroes were cornerstones in our pop culture history and have now moved to our modern movie theaters. Explore Women's empowerment, American propaganda during WWII, and Civil Rights warriors all through the eyes of favorite comic, and now silver screen superstars!

Community Based Instruction (1 general elective credit)

A course designed to give students a hands-on work experience and to gain the soft-skill knowledge required to be successful on a job. Job sites will be local and will be chosen based on those that have the best potential to hire the students at the end of the CBI Summer Work Experience.

Introduction to Welding (1 general elective credit)

Welding is a dynamic industry with a BIG FUTURE! Anything made of metal, no matter how big or small, can be welded. Students learn information related to safety, gases, filler materials, and equipment. Students will have the opportunity to learn various types of welding used for recreational projects to manufacturing techniques. Appropriate personal wear including safety glasses, safety shoes, and clothing will be required for activities.

Mural Painting and Independent Art Projects (1 general elective credit)

We will be working with a community partner on a large scale Mural. We will also offer the opportunity for students to create Independent Study art projects in the medium of their choice.

Outdoor Adventures (1 general elective credit)

Do you enjoy fishing? Do you enjoy nature? Have you ever seen inside an operating room? Have you ever wondered how boats are made? This is the program for you! We will explore all this and more.
Here are some places that you will explore during you summer experience: Bennett Springs, Emerson Technologies, Marine Electrical Products, DT Engineering, Durham Company, Missouri Cooperage, Mercy Hospital, Jordan Valley, & Cox Clinic

Service Learning (1 general elective credit)

This course challenges students to become active members of our community through volunteering time and energy to making our society a better place. Students will explore ways to use their strengths and interests to make a positive impact on those around them by creating and organizing their own community service project. The purpose of this course is to inspire students to become the change they hope to see in the world through meaningful activities and volunteer experiences. Students will learn from valuable members of our community who currently work for non-profit organizations. Possible field trips could include: L-Life, Paws and Claws, COPE, and the Sound House.

Spanish I (1 general elective credit)

Learn the basics of conversational Spanish through stories, videos, and music. We will put these skills into practice through trips to Mexican restaurants and the Dickerson Park Zoo. Experience the culture of 21 different Spanish-speaking countries through food, legends, holidays, and traditions. Participate in cultural activities such as Day of the Dead, Running with the Bulls, Tomatina, and much more!

Spanish Recovery Course (½ general elective credit)

This is an opportunity for any level Spanish student to recover credit for a failed semester (takes place of retaking the whole semester during the school year). Students will receive differentiated assignments to help them understand the skills they previously struggled to master.

Teaching Transition Skills to Students (1 general elective credit)

Teaching students to prepare for life after high school. Skills taught will be soft skills, specific job skills, independent living skills and self determination skills. These skills will prepare students for college and career. Also this will help students become as independent as possible.

Tech and Innovations by Design (1 general elective credit)

Who can make the fastest car? Who can make a 3D printed airplane that flies the farthest? Who can build the strongest bridge? You will get the opportunity to explore these questions and more through in-class competitions while experiencing the connection between science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). We will also get the opportunity to visit local businesses to see how STEM is used in everyday companies.