HISD LPAC Meetings

for all ELLs (ESL students)

2013 LPAC Initial Meetings and Annual Reviews

Hello Ladies!
I have placed an LPAC Quiz in your box (with answers). Please read the quiz front and back. This will serve as your training review for the 2013-2014 school year. We are required to have a parent present for all LPAC meetings and Carmen Reyes has agreed to serve as our ESL parent. She is scheduled to meet with me at 1:00 p.m. on 9-17-13. Mr. Etzler and I will conduct the J.H. LPAC meeting first. Each meeting will take approximately 10 minutes. As we move through the meetings, I will send a para to cover your class so that you can join us for your grade level.

BLUE binder

I will provide you with a blue binder that contains an ESL log (identical to the RtI log) for you to document ESL interventions for your student/s. Lois and Cheryl you will most probably need some support from your Language teachers or Brooke for documentation purposes. I have included Tabs in your binder for student work and writing samples etc. Please place your training certificate and any correspondence from me in your blue binder. If by chance we are selected for an audit, you will have all of your information in one location.


We will have our annual TELPAS training at the end of January.