April 2016



Oh my this was a RECORD BREAKING APRIL ! As a team - we were so close to a QUARTER OF A MILLION DOLLARS.

This is the same momentum I remember back in 2006 when i started my business. We had such a huge close and so many of you are in incredible momentum. Most of us had our BEST MONTH YET.

And DO NOT BELIEVE that... April was big because of the new products !! Our company and the WEIR NATION is in incredible momentum. So our theme for this month... is "MORE MAY".

Please join me in celebrating these huge milestones


Kim Maloney

Janya Rogers

************ OVER HALF WAY TO NATION QUAL*******

Kathy Dowdy

And huge celebration to our team and a BIG welcome to all of our new consultants.

First Step District Managers

Alicia Lyons

Susan Trussell

Rita Anderson

Briana McCarty

Sunny McGehee

Brooke Lincoln

Maria Tull

Alli Moss

Tina Castleberry

Hollie Crawford

Laurie Fielder

Erica Gilbert

Amber Edwards

Angie Buckley

Angie Johnson

Susan Dauro

Abbey Bridges

David Cannon

Kristina Rousseau

Allyson Scott

Stephanie Martinez

Tracy Alford

Dana Patterson

Katelynn Brown

Nelda Horton

Elisha Wimberley

NEW District Managers

Kathy Suber

Cassie Allred

Lauren Hurt

Gail Wood

Meagan Senter

Earned Strong Start:

Angie Buckley – 1st Month Strong Start

Erica Gilbert – 1st Month Strong Start

Hollie Crawford – 1st Month Strong Start

Susan Trussell – 1st Month Strong Start

Briana McCarty – 1st Month Strong Start

Sunny McGehee – 1st Month Strong Start

Alli Moss – 1st Month Strong Start

Tina Castelberry –1st Month Strong Start

Katelynn Brown - 1st Month and 2nd Month Strong Start

Meagan Senter – 1st, 2nd and 3rd Month Strong Start

Lanita Plunkett – Graduated and earned $700 in free products

Kit Stafford - Graduated and earned $700 in free products

District Manager Bonus ($200):

Lanita Plunkett

Kim Maloney

Janya Rogers

Kim Willis

Kelsey Dowdy

Paige Polk

Kathy Dowdy

Beth Clardy

Lanita Plunkett

Kerry Blankenship

Blair Curtis

Amber Kidd

Mel Whitfield

Donna Lishen

Blair Curtis

Beth Clardy

Gina Fremont

Stephanie May

FIRST Step Area Manager

Fhonda Goss

Stephanie May

Kim Willis

Kelsey Dowdy

NEW Area Manager

Kim Gartman

Area Manager Bonus ($400)

Janya Rogers
Kristina Weir

Mel Whitfield

Kathy Dowdy

Regional Vice President Bonus ($600)

Kristina Weir

Kathy Dowdy

AIT Achievers

Kim Maloney – Level 1

Kim Gartman – Level 1

Kristina Weir – Level 2

Kathy Dowdy – Level 2

Janya Rogers – Level 2

Top Personal $150 +Sponsoring

Stephanie May – 11

Paige Polk – 7

Brooke Lincoln – 7

Angie Johnson – 6

Kim Willis – 6

Mel Whitfield – 5

Kathy Suber – 5

Kerry Blankenship - 5

Gail Wood – 5

Elisha Wimberley - 5

Top 10 Personal QV

Mel Whitfield - $8288

Kim Willis - $7682

Paige Polk - $5716

Kerry Blankenship - $5303

Beth Clardy - $5018

Janya Rogers - $4985

Stephanie May - $4903

Donna Lishen - $4455

Kelsey Dowdy - $4425

Amber Kidd - $4272


Nashville TN

Saturday, June 4th 9-5

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IT'S BACK - Cecilia Stoll's Leadership Retreat for AM's and VP's


TELL your teams/husbands/wives/kids/neighbors/etc. that September 23-25, 2016 you're coming to OKLAHOMA!!! Cecilia Leite Stoll has brought back her ANNUAL Leadership Retreat for Area Managers and Vice Presidents. The trainings/networking/food/gifts/etc are going to be out of this world!!!

To COME : YOU MUST be paid as an Area Manager or VP to register by AUGUST 1st.

IF YOU ARE NOT an Area Manager YOU CAN DO THIS! We are in huge momentum and you can get there - YOU WILL NOT WANT TO MISS THIS!

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