How to Use Evernote

By Noah & Minami

What is Evernote?

Evernote is a free application which make our lives easier. It can be used as a note-taking tool, storage of interesting websites, or the place where you share your information with friends. But actually those features mentioned are not enough to describe what Evernote is. It has more functions and possibilities.


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From a small memo to important list, no matter what kind of writing you take, you can write anything very freely on notebooks.


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Whenever you find some interesting articles, it is a time to use Evernote Webclipper. You can clip the websites by clicking the upper right small Evernote icon.


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You can categorize your notes or clipped websites by using notebooks. Drag your notebook into another notebook, then the dragged notebook will be a “subset”.
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You can put a tag on your information. This helps you to organise more amount of information.


“Atlas” in the left sidebar lets you browse notes based on where you created notes. It may give you a sense of location where you have created.


You can make a shortcut in the left sidebar. You simply drag a note below shortcuts so that exactly the same note will be appear there. It is highly recommended to use for important notes (eg. Maths Investigation notes when it’s assigned). Not just notes but you can also put tags into shortcuts.


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Presentation mode

Your note can be presented very easily. Pushing the presentation mode button gives a full screen note.

Presentation mode is available only for premium users, but you are welcome to utilize it in 30 days of trial. Press the presentation button (next to the alert button if you can’t find one) or click any picture to start a presentation mode. A colored “beam” follows your mouse cursor so that the audience can see where you are pointing at. It is high recommended to use instead of using Google Presentation if you wish to scroll the presentation monitor or you want to just show up bullet points.

Work chat

Evernote has a email, and you can have a conversation with your friends on work chat anytime. If you are working on a project with a shared note, it is really useful that you can have a chat with your peer besides working.