Theatre Cert April Newsletter

Events, Announcements, and News from April

Theatre Teacher Job Interview Workshop

Special thanks to Principal Jerry Crowell for talking to our department this month. Mr. Crowell (pictured below) is the principal at Angleton High School. It was helpful and informative to hear what a principal looks for in their potential teachers. Some key points of his workshop included...
1. Dress professionally: For men this means suits, and a tie. For women, dress in a professional suit, or conservatively. (Not a lot of busy patterns, no dyed hair, or multiple piercings, etc.)
2. Write a hand-written, or typed letter with your personal signature. This letter is addressed to the principal. It doesn't need to say much, just thank them for their time and for selecting you to be interviewed.
3. Practice your soft-skills: This just means, maintaining eye-contact, nodding, and smiling, being polite, etc.
4. Make sure you can talk about what good qualities you will bring to the campus you are interviewing for.
5. Research the campus before you go. It's good to know a little about the campuses, and the people who will be interviewing you.
6. Arrive early
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"Life After College" Q&A Session

Our LIFE AFTER COLLEGE Q&A was very successful and we were given a lot of great advice. The faculty were happy with how the event was run, and would like to make this an annual event.
For a compiled list of quotes and thoughts from the Q&A, visit our BFA Theatre teacher certification page on Facebook.
Thank you Ashley Carrington for putting this workshop together, and to all the passionate faculty members (Jeremy Torres, Vlasta Silhavy, Shannon Richey, Neil Patrick Stewart, and Deb Alley) who made this event possible.

Book Club

As the semester is almost over, we hosted our final book club for Spring! Students met at Torchy's to discuss the play 3 Doors to Death. Matteo Ybarra hosted the discussion, and each student who attended got to talk about the play and staging elements in the show. We also talked about other plays that would be appropriate for a dinner theatre, and how dinner theatres can be great fundraisers for your school's program. A lot of high schools now offer culinary classes, so it's a great idea to collaborate with this department. You can also go with cheaper, easy prep options like Spaghetti dinners or pancake dinners which can turn over a bigger profit.
Next semester, we want to include more students in the book club by letting a different student lead the discussion for each play. We started a list of great playwrights, and we want to hear who your favorite playwrights are too! Leave a comment here, or on Facebook, and we can add it to the list!
Special thank yous to Matteo, Vlasta, and everyone who attended the delicious Torchy's edition of our book club. Hope you enjoyed it.


The food drive continues this month and it would be wonderful to make one more donation! You can bring your donations to the main office in the Theatre Building or bring items to Vlasta in her office. You can find a list of items that can be donated here:


Thank you everyone for your hard work and dedication this semester. Good luck on finals!