Spirit affects the real world

Most people just don't put enough thought into the idea!

Are Ghosts And Spirits The Same Thing?

Most people who think about Spirit or "ghosts", think that's not possible. But what people don't know is that Spirit is a Soul. It's not a dead person, which is what society thinks. Spirit is what we all have inside of us. People usually think that when I ask "Do you believe in Spirit's?" that I'm asking if they believe in dead people that you can put your hand through or that haunt your bedroom at night. But that's not at all what I'm asking. We all have a soul, it's everything we are. What I'm asking is do you believe everyone has a soul. Spirit's don't haunt your bedroom at night, because if a soul has negative energy, God enters the soul into the Other Side on a level where they can't bother his people. So that I believe is a myth. I think people don't put thought into the topic because they're scared of "ghosts" and that's what society has nailed into their heads. My thoughts- ghosts are not real. They are what people put in your head either for the enjoyment of scaring you, or for people like me- scaring you to death and it's not enjoyable at all. But Spirit's I think have to be real, because it's just a soul that's not in a body yet. Everyone has a soul.

What Is A Medium?

The common image of a medium, is a person who googles people before a reading and uses very open questions that can fit to any person with a lost loved one. But really what I believe, is that a medium is so important. People who don't believe in anything (that used to be me) and are so scared of what happens after death, get really bad anxiety about what could happen. I haven't even met Theresa Caputo (The main medium I've been researching) and she's given me so much relief and closure to that thought so I can stop thinking about it. I think mediums are very real, and I think everyone should have some faith in each other and not just think that everything is fake.

Theresa Caputo

Theresa is one of my favorite mediums. I have researched her immensely! Her personality fits her so well, and she is perfect for the job of a medium. She said once "When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile", and I just feel like this quote really gives you a feel of who she is and what her personality is like.

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